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Sussex Dormouse Monitoring Update

posted 16 May 2011, 06:27 by Dave Barker

In Sussex there are currently 37 National Dormouse Monitoring Programme (NDMP) sites. In 2009 we only knew of a dozen or so sites, so this is great progress! In 2009 we organised and funded two training courses, one at Wakehurst Place and one at Mallydams Wood, which 38 people attended. In 2010 six people attended a handling course at Wildwood, and 24 people attended Dormouse Fest on the Isle of Wight which we organised with the PTES. Valuable experience was gained over the weekend, being led by Ian White of PTES and his colleagues, at PTES’s Briddlesford Wood.

On the back of this training we are starting to see a few newly-licenced people starting to set up new NDMP sites. There are still quite a few people getting experience and we’re hoping to see more licences coming through soon.


We have just received the historic records for all Sussex NDMP sites from the PTES and they are now in the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre’s database, there were 2,240 records from PTES which has bought the number of Dormice records in the SxBRC database up to a whopping 2,830!