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Southeast Dormouse Conference - next date tbc

posted 16 May 2011, 06:32 by Dave Barker   [ updated 26 Nov 2011, 10:53 by T White ]

South East Dormouse Conference – 11th March 2011

About 170 people attended from across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.
Highlights of the day included;

  • Interesting data on dormice in non-traditional habitats including pine woods.
  • Data emerging from PIT tagging research included evidence showing dormice can cross relatively large cleared stretches such as busy roads.
  • Genetic evidence is emerging that litters often have several fathers. Tagging has also shown that individuals are often re-trapped in original boxes after a 1 or 2 year absence.
  • Monitoring at Mallydams - training centre.
    Explanation and results of the reintroduction of Dormice to more northerly counties.
  • Summaries of the Kent and Surrey Dormice work.
  • Surrey Dormouse Group Filming project video trap footage of young dormice leaving their box for the first time. (