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Mini Mammal Monitoring - via The Mammal Society

posted 22 Mar 2011, 01:41 by Dave Barker   [ updated 22 Mar 2011, 02:16 ]

Do you want to get involved in exciting small mammal ecology, encounter rare mammals and their signs, and contribute to our knowledge of the distribution and dynamics of small mammals in the UK?

Then Mini Mammal Monitoring is for you!

The Mammal Society introduced this urgently needed, ongoing, multi-species monitoring programme in 2009 to fill the gaps in our knowledge about the distribution and abundance of small mammals in the British Isles and provide long-term reliable data on population trends. The information we collect will inform sustainable land management and conservation decisions to protect vulnerable populations, reverse declines and conserve our mini mammals into the future.

With 5 different survey methods to choose from, the MMM is suitable for beginners and for those with experience of surveying and trapping, whether you have an hour or whole weekend to spare. Everyone's contribution is equally as important and useful.