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Harvest Mouse Surveys 2014

posted 22 Oct 2014, 02:29 by Penny Green   [ updated 22 Oct 2014, 04:34 ]

We currently have less than 150 harvest mouse records in Sussex. This includes vast areas of suitable habitat with no records, so there are lots of opportunities to uncover new populations! This is a fantastic activity to undertake while you are out on an autumn walk and a good way to get to know a new part of the county.


We are keen to hear from anyone who plans to take part in the nest search as we will be keeping a record of which parts of the county are under investigation! This will help to keep track of presence/likely absence and ensure that we can cover as wide an area of possible.


We will be recording basic information - location, grid reference, recorder, date. For those with a little more time additional information on habitat, nest material, nest dimensions etc. can also be collected, which will increase our knowledge of harvest mice.


Records can be submitted to Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre using iRecord If you aren't able to do this take a look at the SxBRC website for other options or return them to Laurie Jackson and she will ensure that they make it through to SxBRC.


For those of you that haven't taken part in nest searches before and want a little more help - let us know. If there is enough interest we are happy to organise another field trip. Likewise, we can send out a basic identification sheet for those who are interested in identifying nest material - let me know if this is of interest.


Please remember harvest mice may still be breeding at this time of year - if you find a nest without an obvious entrance, assume that it is in current use and make sure you minimise disturbance to it. Please also ensure that you have permission to be on the land you are surveying.

Remember to contact us to talk about where you are planning to survey - I want to make sure that between us we can cover as wide an area as possible.

Please contact us on 

If you'd like to join in with the November Harvest Mouse surveys at Gatwick please look here for more details: