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Vote otter!

posted 1 Dec 2017, 01:49 by L Jackson   [ updated 1 Dec 2017, 01:51 ]

The Otter Project is currently championing the Eurasian otter, as part of a competition for whole genome sequencing - see for more information.

This is an amazing opportunity to unravel the genetic code of the otter, and would facilitate a leap forward in research, and evidence based conservation, benefitting the species across its Eurasian range.

Voting is open to members of the public until 8 December 2018 -

Attitudes towards beaver re-introductions

posted 30 Jan 2017, 12:34 by L Jackson

University of Exeter are conducting research into how people view the reintroduction of Beavers into the wild in Britain. Contribute your opinions here!

When did you last see a hedgehog?

posted 27 Oct 2016, 11:47 by L Jackson

Contribute to hedgehog conservation by taking the Mammal Society Hedgehog Watch survey.

Dormouse research project

posted 7 Oct 2016, 01:07 by L Jackson

Do you have data about bird occupation and other small mammals in dormouse nest boxes?

A student at the University of Exeter is currently looking at the interaction between breeding birds and dormice, and would like to gather data as widely as possible.

If you can help let us know and we will put you in touch.

Sussex researcher wins prize

posted 23 Apr 2016, 01:16 by L Jackson   [ updated 23 Apr 2016, 01:19 ]

Congratulations to Sussex researcher Dr. Rowenna Baker who has won the prize for best student poster at the recent Mammal Society conference. Row gained her PhD last year following her research on the impacts of landscape structure on water vole population genetics, which included extensive study of the populations in Sussex. Find out more about water voles in Sussex from Sussex Wildlife Trust.

Row Baker and Adam Grogan - Lucy Groves                                                   Water vole trapping in the Arun Valley - Laurie Jackson

Roving red squirrel

posted 17 Feb 2016, 12:50 by L Jackson   [ updated 17 Feb 2016, 12:53 ]

A red squirrel was spotted in a Horsham garden on 5 February. Following a dramatic decline, this species is considered extinct in Sussex, and this individual will be an escapee from a captive population.

Remember to report all your mammal sightings as the Mammal Society is currently working on the first mammal atlas in over 20 years.

Red squirrel - Julia Lowson

Harvest mouse talk

posted 29 Jan 2016, 01:05 by L Jackson

We had a great talk from Lucy Groves of the British Wildlife Centre. Lucy talked about her study comparing the nesting behaviour of reintroduced and wild harvest mouse populations, and how behavioural studies can be used to provide the best conditions for captive breeding populations.

If you want to learn more about harvest mice Sussex Wildlife Trust are running a course this autumn and Sussex Mammal Group will be continuing our county-wide survey.

Beaver Ecology and Conservation

posted 10 Dec 2015, 07:02 by L Jackson

The Mammal Society is running a course introducing the Eurasian beaver - a great excuse for a trip to Scotland!

Recruiting now!

posted 15 Nov 2015, 12:53 by L Jackson   [ updated 15 Nov 2015, 12:54 ]

We need surveyors to join Team Micro! During Autumn and Winter 2015/2016 we will be continuing our harvest mouse survey and we need an army of nest hunters across Sussex!

To find out more contact us at sussexmammalsurveys[at]

Pine martens and polecats

posted 19 Aug 2015, 11:33 by L Jackson   [ updated 19 Aug 2015, 11:35 ]

We had a fab talk in July from Lizzie Croose of the Vincent Wildlife Trust. Great to hear that polecats are making a comeback to Sussex!

If you spot a polecat let Vincent Wildlife Trust know - records (with a photo where possible) and carcasses accepted!

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