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Who are we?

Sussex Mammal group was re-established in 2006 by a group of people who are passionate about mammals and their conservation. Anyone can join the group as a volunteer and get involved with our work.

Our aims...

  • To promote, develop and undertake surveys of mammals across Sussex
  • To engage and train volunteers to record mammal sightings and undertake surveys
  • To raise awareness of the county’s mammals and promote their conservation

What do we do?

Our aims are met through a variety of activities:

  • Undertaking mammal surveys – including hazel dormouse, water vole and small mammal monitoring
  • Running training courses and workshops for volunteers 
  • Increasing public awareness through talks and events
  • Releasing publicity articles on current topical issues


How to get in involved...

If you would like to be involved with Sussex Mammal group please email us at sussexmammalsurveys[at]googlemail.com to let us know what interests you. We need people to:

  • Join in a training day and get involved with one of our surveys – most surveys can’t run without essential support of our volunteers
  • Come along to a talk, event or workshop to find out more about mammals
  • Help out on the Sussex Mammal Group stall at events to help raise awareness of mammals
  • Stay up to date by following us on Twitter


Why do mammals need help?

Otters have not been in Sussex for some time but are slowly on the come back. Most recent records are unfortunately of road kills. Enhancing habitats and building otter holts can help encourage them to return. If you would like to get involved in searching for tracks and signs of otters please contact us.         

Water voles are of conservation concern due to their rapidly declining numbers. Surveys can help protect remaining populations and identify areas where they could be re-established. If you would like to get involved with water vole surveys in Sussex please contact us.

Sussex Mammal Group is affiliated to The Mammal Society

Get to know mammals this year!

There are a number of mammal surveys to get involved in during 2020! Over the spring and summer surveyors are needed to look for signs of water voles, and in the autumn we will be continuing our hunt for signs of harvest mice.

Take a look at the mammal courses and events taking place in Sussex throughout the year.

Learn more about the mammals of Sussex.

Follow us on Twitter

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