Events and activities

Here are some of the mammal-related courses and events taking place during 2019... so get involved and find out more about our resident mammals in Sussex!

    Mammal training courses

    • Friday 9 August 2019 Sussex Wildlife Trust course ecology of the Hazel Dormouse
    • Saturday 12 October 2019 Sussex Wildlife Trust course Harvest Mouse ecology and survey

    Previous events

    2018 Sussex Mammal Group talks
    • moles by Rob Atkinson
    2017 Sussex Mammal Group talks
    • hedgehogs by Hugh Warwick
    • brown hare by Pete Thompson of Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust
    2016 Sussex Mammal Group talks
    • water voles by Dr. Rowenna Baker
    • harvest mouse breeding and reintroduction by Lucy Groves of British Wildlife Centre
    2015 Sussex Mammal Group talks
    • urban mammals by Dr. Dawn Scott from the University of Brighton
    • polecats and pine martens by Lizzie Croose of Vincent Wildlife Trust